Cavment (Shelley Long) was crap?

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"Caveman" is a 1981 comedy film directed by Carl Gottlieb and starring Ringo Starr, Dennis Quaid, and Shelley Long. The film is a comedic retelling of the story of early human civilization, embeded in a time when human beings resided in caves and relied on hunting and event for survival.

The movie follows the story of Atouk (Ringo Starr), a clumsy and bumbling caveman who is constantly teased and ridiculed by the other members of his tribe. Regardless of his imperfections, Atouk is deeply in love with Lana (Shelley Long), the most stunning lady in the tribe. Nevertheless, Lana remains in a relationship with Tonda (John Matuszak), the people's brutish and aggressive leader.

One day, Atouk and Lana set out on a journey to discover the "Cave of Wonders," a famous place that is said to hold the secret to joy and success. Along the method, they are joined by other members of their tribe, including Lar (Dennis Quaid), a caring and wise caveman who serves as a coach and guide to Atouk.

As they journey through the wilderness, Atouk and his companions deal with numerous challenges and threats, consisting of competing tribes and fierce predators. Along the method, they likewise experience the more advanced society of the "Flintstones," a group of human beings who have actually discovered the secret of farming and now reside in comfortable homes and take pleasure in an advanced way of life.

Regardless of its comical facility, "Caveman" is a poignant and surprisingly heartfelt movie that explores themes of loyalty, relationship, and self-acceptance. The film's characters are likable and strong, with strong efficiencies from the cast.

In terms of its cultural effect, "Caveman" was a modest box office success upon its release and received combined reviews from critics. The film has acquired a devoted cult following in the years following its release and has actually become a fan favorite among funny fans.

Behind the scenes, "Caveman" was produced on a budget of $8 million and was shot on area in Belize and California. In addition to its main cast, the film includes several significant supporting actors, consisting of Barbara Bach, Jack Gilford, and Avery Schreiber. The movie's script was written by Carl Gottlieb, who likewise directed the film.

In general, "Caveman" is a amusing and delightful comedy that makes sure to delight fans of the category. Its memorable characters and heartfelt story make it a film that is well worth checking out.

The movie follows the story of Atouk (Ringo Starr), a clumsy and bumbling caveman who is continuously teased and ridiculed by the other members of his people. In spite of its comical facility, "Caveman" is a surprisingly genuine and poignant film that checks out (blog post) themes of relationship, loyalty, and self-acceptance. The film's script was composed by Carl Gottlieb, who also directed the movie.

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